Rabbit's daily funny comic strip

The absurd world of an ugly rabbit in a rotten fabric

Rabbit is a daily webcomic (monday to friday) about the sometimes funny adventures of various characters and everyday objects.
You can browse strip by strip (there's, like, more than 1500 of those), or story by story. You can also read it in french on Lapin.org
It's kind of a nonsense stuff, made by photomontages mixed with drawings and various special effects. It's really weird. We don't know how to call it, so we don't.

The thing is that you can subscribe to the rabbit's newletter and receive it in your e-mail box every day of the week, with a funny quote.
A rabbit a day keeps the good mood, like, huh, in you and stuff...
Around 1300 people from various countries already subscribed.

In two words : welcome in the world of Flatulence, booze, stupid office stories, a world where a stone can be a commando.

Everything on this site is trade mark and copyright by Phiip 2001 - 2008.

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about rabbit comics

This site is a free daily funny comic strip about the adventures of various characters and every day objects. You can subscribe to the strip and get a stupid quote with it everyday, like :

"Kids !!! Everyone calm down, or I'll invent school !!" Charlemagne

This is a free (and sometimes funny) comic strip, also weird and nonsensic. Rabbit is not dirty (well sometimes a little) and is more of a photomontage or a picture than a cartoon.
Rabbit is made by Phiip the only Phiip.


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If you're lost, check the introduction. That might help.
Or not.

They say you can get an episode a day in your mailbox when you subscribe ?
They speak the truth you know...

If you can't choose what to read, Phiip made two pages with :
- the short stories : fun little stories where context is not important ;
- and the long stories, with the ongoing thing we call a story
(the war, the space stuff, the two towers, etc.)

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