abuse of rabbit

The rabbit has alway been the subject of embezzelment, defect, copying, hijacking, whatever this is called...
Alway the first to test, to experiment, to open new ways, rabbit is at the edge of the lastest discoveries. We found traces of a whole new universe that was or could have been.
For your eyes only. Enjoy.

The abuse continues in the fan art section, check it !

the best paella ever

Where the holy rabbit has a very good meal

Some journalist tried to call that the "last supper", but we can now say that the rabbit had a lot of meals after this particular one.
Jesus, what do people invent sometimes ? Glad this stuff is finally cleared now.

the last supper
photo by alice

le chat lapin noir

the best times back in Paris, France

Everybody remembers that famous french club, called "le lapin noir".
No ?
What do you mean, no ?
But that stuff is mega-famous !!
Oh, forget it...
le chat noir
photo by alice

Mister W. Bros and rabbit

an internet rabbit fan, Mister num eric, discovered an extraordinary document, an evidence of rabbits links with the cartoon world : "Warner B. accepted to sell me that unique image they held in their archives. It's an extract from a casting for a cartoon that must have made a huge flop, probably due to the ridiculous support characters that would have played with rabbit. It's a good thing rabbit was rejected, because of so-called poor english skills. If he had done that, is actual international career would certainly have been in jeopardy.
You never know what success really is..."

nice rabbit... kick out that ridiculous pirate...
photo by numéric

A rabbit's smile

This is the very first draft of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, figuring an unknow rabbit hooker.
Leonardo and her had an affair in a jugged hare's time We can foresee the Joconde's immemorial smile, poorly imitated in the final picture by a drugged alcoholic girl.

how you doin' ?
photo by alice

Lord of the Rings, episode 1

When Peter Jackson first met the original Lord of the Rings cast, the legend says he almost passed out.
What a sissy !
Let's admit it : if he had made the right choice, the Lord of The Rings would never have been the same again. Another tragic casting mistake..

the ring ? where did I put the ring...........?
photo by alice