Phiip's guest strips

Phiip's journal, 28 mars 2004 - guest strips... why ?

Sometimes, you have a good idea, sometimes people ask you, sometimes you just don't know why, sometimes, sometimes...
So here they are all.

The first I did was for Zeek, a romantic online comic strip by... this guy, I forgot his name.
The main character is in love with one or two girls, so there it is.
Zeek and rabbit
A guest strip for BriWorld, the former site of Brian Caroll, who now does a thing called Instant Classic. Briworld was an autobiographic stuff where the main character talked a lot... Bri World, by Brian Caroll
MarinE was a nice guy I met in the forums of Top Web Comics, some time ago.
TWC changed, but I had some time to do a guest strip for an autobiographical piece he wrote, The Grey Life, where he cried a lot you in fact. A sensitive guy, I know what that is...
Grey Life
Jonathan Cheetham makes a nice story about some sort of spider and a piece of wood, it's called Fifty and Halifax. I did a guest strip for him, that was fun ! Fifty and Halifax
A guest strip for Dino Comics !! Ryan North asked, I said yes, and there it is !!
It's a very special comic strip, where the panels are always the same, and only the words change. Even I never dared being so lazy...
Dino Comics meet the Rabbit !!
The next one is for VG cats, you know, the caute little kittens who play video games and slay each other.
You may notice something that might remind you of something else...
Vg cats, video game cats