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492 . I summon the demons of time and space

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rabbit, episode 492

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about rabbit comics

This site is a free daily funny comic strip about the adventures of various characters and every day objects. You can subscribe to the strip and get a stupid quote with it everyday, like :

"So jaundice is green, measles is purple..." - doctor smurf

This is a free (and sometimes funny) comic strip, also weird and nonsensic. Rabbit is not dirty (well sometimes a little) and is more of a photomontage or a picture than a cartoon.
Rabbit is made by Phiip the only Phiip.


The story going on : a black hole at the office
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If you're lost, check the introduction. That might help.
Or not.

They say you can get an episode a day in your mailbox when you subscribe ?
They speak the truth you know...

If you can't choose what to read, Phiip made two pages with :
- the short stories : fun little stories where context is not important ;
- and the long stories, with the ongoing thing we call a story
(the war, the space stuff, the two towers, etc.)

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