introduction to the rabbit

the story so far in 4 pictures + 3

The 4 sum up all the 1500 previous episodes. The +3 too.

first episodes, where they get to know each other a little...

One day, mister rabbit arrived, made the accointance of the green bear girl, and began to live in the yellow box.

There is some feelings between those two, but nothing ever happened; rabbit got married to another male rabbit, but we never saw that one again, so we assume he is free again.

The rock you see in that picture talks a lot, but who knows if anybody ever listens?.

The war of the green bear girls against the rabbits for biodiversity was a turning point in the series.

In fact, the frantic desire of rabbit to have children put in jeopardy the ecological kennel of the green bears. They have to seek for the assistance of their ancestors, do some spying and work on a very good plan...

In those episodes, we discover the rabbit's urge to have children.

BRUNO is a good friend

When BRUNO, the green bear big brother, comes to the yellow box, the rabbit discovers male friendship.
BRUNO is the one who will advise the rabbit to go to a doctor for his reproduction problems.

It's the blind doctor duck who will take care of the rabbit's problem. At first, he is very reluctant to help a rabbit, but he will eventually accept to help him and bring his son to life. With pieces of corpses and various things found in rubbish, the miracle of birth happens.

The "baby rabbit" vaguely looks like a can. But once his paternity leave over, rabbit gets back to work, and gets a baby-sitter. But the baby gets sick, and it appears that only the black rabbit on planet OG222 can cure him.

confrontation on OG222

So everybody builds his spaceship and goes to that planet. They will encounter there the y's, both weird masters of the Flatulence, and the Black Rabbit himself and his white guards. But the drunken bears destroy the entire planet, and take all it's inhabitants back to the yellow box.

Now the green she-bear has to put up 222 white rabbits in the yellow box. The green she-bear thinks she's god, sleeps with rabbit and tries to build a temple.

Meanwhile the black rabbit in his black box prepares world domination with incontinent dinosaurs, while Sooper Résistanté and BRUNO engage in commando actions against god.

sooper résistanté to the rescue !!!

But the black rabbit sucks almost everyone in the space time continuum, so everybody teams up to defeat him. After a long desert chse, they arrive near his fortress and everything explode !!

When they arrive at the black rabbit's hideout, with master y. and gran'pa y., they encounter the black she-bear who falls in love with gran'pa y. But Sooper and the Silver Sbock (returned from space) destroy both the black rabbit's and the black she-bear's towers. In the office, some rabbits discover their new boss, a giant snail.
On OG222, as the protagonists meet, there is a little confusion, interrupted by the brutal destruction of the planet by the !!!!
The bears, rabbit and the gang are , with 222 white rabbits.

Then the black rabbit is trying to prevent the end of the world : it seems that his ex-girl friend, the black she-bear, has turned evil. So he hires an architect to build a city.

a good photomontage

Meanwhile, rabbit is back home, but baby is mad at him for having left during more than ten months. And we learn that the sitter didn't guard baby at all, because she is in fact sooper résistanté !! Then, rabbit, his husband, the green she-bear and Dr Duck go on a quest to get rid of an evil Ring, and end up in a creepy strange swamp...

Then the green she-bear makes a pornographic website, and gets back at work in her compagny. Then master y. looses his stench, so his ancestor puts him in the fridge and searches for a cure, when Pack arrives. And then, after a few exercices, the green she-bear goes back to her company for a brand new reorganization. After that she's been involved in some sort of multiple car crash, and motor races, stuff, that drives her to non-violence, then she gets violent again. And everybody was on the beach for vacation. Now, dr dock tries to show us his last invention.

the closet

And then the rabbits go bungee jumping. And a rabbit finds himself stuck in the sky. Then the stone "runs" into her ex. After some strange short vacation, the rabbits go back to work where they find out that the green she-bear can tell the time ! She takes a day off, but is stuck with baby. And then, the duck starts a new business next door, and all explodes, and the green she-bear mugs people, and now everybody is in heaven where a demon destroys everything so the Devil puts them up in Hell...

But it was all an ethylic coma fantasy ! So the green she-bear decides to stop drinking. Now, rabbit has problems at his office, and is sent to the closet, but the closet is a big and mysterious place...

Now what ?

For a beginning, you can go through the stories , the short ones or the long ones. and check the ones you like : space madness, office nonsense, war, holidays, giving birth, weddings, or just crazyness... The list just goes on and on... If you begin, start with 200, and go on, or 146 if you like office jokes. If you want to catch up fast, you go straight to 272.

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