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Let's clear things before we say anything stupid : rabbit IS the best webcomic out there. Why you might want to check any other webcomic is beyond my comprehension : don't you get here everything you need ? How come we're drifting apart like this ? We used to be self sufficient or whatever...

Okay, this funny comic strips gallery is a choice of web comic strips I really like, I mean there ARE funny, they are intelligent, they are very stupid also (that is they don't take theirselves too seriously, and if they did, I think I just ruined it)
Okay, so have fun !!

Bigger than Cheese : you must read it ! acid keg comics
Instant classic webcomic Boy on a stick and Slither
VG CATS Pig Related
Gluemeat Captain suppository and friday
orneryboy by michael lalonde macbeth in four frames
Greg Cresci Comics Blak
xzipi Diesel Sweeties
the tao of geek sauce : funnies from the sick place
white ninja rules ! the Repository of dangerous things
look what I brought home one and two
... likes to kill people milkman dan

Dead or not updating anymore Comics

holy crap, Fletcher !! not screwed enough...
cucumber of hate Idle Warship
happy now ? hey Ray !

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