big computer bonus of the geek kings !!!

The exclusive powerfull macramé computer

At the dawn of the 4th millenium, you feel old-fashioned, you can't really cope with the new technologies, for you internet is that cold impersonal mysterious stuff.

You want to be loved, to be cudled, you want attention and people taking care of you. You hate those Palm things, e-pad tranparent nonsense whatever it is, those IBM letters and all those frozen inhumane shit.

The macrame-computer has been designed right for you !! All warmness, natural material, hemp and flax built, mid sackcloth, mid rough canvas, with some seeds and little bells going gling gling while you surf a new internet, this is the cuddle computer, just for you.

wahoo !!! gimme ten of those !!
What we like about the macrame-computer :
What you get with the computer :
So don't wait for it to rotten in our wharehouse,
just BUY IT NOW !!!
For two macrame-computers you get 10% off the third one if you take the no-risk no-hidden-charges mandatory yogurth really limited internet access for only 260 bucks a day.
The total cost is 222 000 000 $ a year for twenty years only !
I want the macrame computer,
I send you my life savings at :
Rabbit's special macrame-computer offer
P.O. box 8594522368455536568555255544-586658
00 Caïman Islands
satisfied or not.
Just do it NOW !!



such a nice macrame-computer, can I subscribeto the daily strip?

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