the green bear girl

Twice nominated for "best supporting actress". Sued the jury for the use of the word "supporting". Almost killed one.
Quite a girl...

Yeah, the green bear girl is a girl ! Some people sometimes mix up that "sex" thing.

But you know, you can be a girl (or a women) and be a leading character. Like in... Well, you know what I mean...

She is a real girl, not a doofus. She ain't the kind to hold any grudge to anyone. Like every girl. She might even have a crush on rabbit.
Frequently thinking, sometimes perverse, our green girl might be the geek of the group (well, given the average IQ of the group, that doesn't mean much a thing).
And... hmmm... some people (now dead) have said she has a drinking problem. Well, who hasn't ?!!

She's got her driving license, even if she can't see the road (the wheel is too high).

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