the famous quotes and sayings thing

paramecia are animals ??

animals are dorks

"Mister ? Hey, mister with the flute, there is a problem : I don't have my bathing suit..." a rat of Hamelin
"Hmm, my love, I love you so much, I want to kiss... AOOCH !! Hey you silly bitch, can't you watch out with your damn horn, you're fucking goring me !!!" a unicorn
"King kong, tiny dick." Godzilla
"Hhhrrrr... Hhrrr... I think I have a plane's wing stuck in my throat. Where's the Maalox ?" King Kong
"Hmmmfff.. hmmmfff... hmmmmfff........... POOOF !!" The frog who wanted top be as big as the cow
"Heeelgloob, I gloob can't gloob gloob helgloob !!!.... Oooooops, I forgot I am a fish again..." a fish
"What do you mean, you can see everything ? Oh..." Tarzan, king of the animals
"Woof, woof... Snifff... snifff ?... Aouch ! Kaï, kaï, kaï!!!" Lassie
"What is this creeper strike story about?" Tarzan

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