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"You know, honey, the fulgurofist was a good idea, but the fulgurodick is just lame..." girlfriend of Goldorak, aka Grandizer aka Grendizer aka Goldrake
"I hope that cold will heal fast, I'm getting a little nasal here..." Donald Duck
"Okay, so you're... the 40 sales representatives... Well, come in, I'll do some coffee." Ali Baba
"Excuse me m'am, why is Garcia always called before me?" Zorro
"No, I'm not Hulk, I've got jaundice, that's all..." the sick Smurf
"Sure honey, everything in me is bold, big, and brown!! You want to check ?" Mr Potatoe
"And now, something completly the same..." the Monthy Pythons
"Pi-pi... ca-ca... 'tcho !!!!" Pikachu
"My tongue was really hanging out. What, which side ?... Very funny, Mowgli, very funny..." Kaa
"No, Jasmine, that's not the place to rub... Yes, a little down... That's it, rub it slowly, yessss..." Aladdin (or Alladin ? Alladdin ? Aladin ? whatever !)
"Your name is Black Coal ? And do you know what MY name is?" Snow-white
"Wicked mother in law, wicked mother in law, the is so petty, I have good sides you know, I" The wicked mother in law in Snow-white
" Hurry up, Tweety, or we'll miss our appointment with the orthophonist..." Sylvester
"Bloob, bloob... gasp !!! Help, I'm drowning !!... Just joking." Flipper the Dolphin
"Captain, do you love me for myself or for my ears ?" Spock
"Quite impressive, mister king Midas, but do you want to know how much I'm worth?" Steve Austin
"Some plastic bag in the grass, that can't be such a big deal..." Princess Mononoke
"To be or not to be ?..." the teletoobies
"Hey, I just thought of something... Ho ho, it's gone now..." Averell Teletubbies
"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll take my buldozer, and I'll blow your brick house in !! " the big bad wolf
"Well, straw is the material for the kings !! Bring me more straw and more beers, ha ha ha !! You can come here wolfy, and break your nose on my house !! " the first little pig
"Your straw house is so coool !! And me, like I'm stupid or something, I made mine of wood, not coool..." the second little piggy
"Fools !! Fools !! You don't know what you are doing, and now you are going to die !! You are damned, damned !!" the third little piggy
"I don't understand what happened, my plan was perfect !!" first little piggy
"A beach ? Now I have that urge to lay some eggs in the sand..." Donnatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
"A mouse ? Where ??" Minnie Mouse
"Ho ho... With a face like that, I think I just caught jaundice...." Homer Simpson
"Yeah ? Well, if I look like a faggot, then everybody on this ship looks like a faggot ! That's what happens when you dress up in tights." Spock

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