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"Dad ? Joseph asks if you are coming for my birthday..." Jesus
"You're not funny, Moses, I also had something to show them, but I need the Red See to do it !" Jesus Christ
"Atchiaa !! Atchoo !! A... Atchhhhmm !!... It's the unicorns, get them out of the boat !!" Noë
"What the... Moïse, could you stop doing your stupid show while I'm walking on the sea ??" Jesus Christ
"Well, I'm not really into apples, but if that means so much to you... " Adam
"Caïn ? Is that you ?" the eye (like in the Victor Hugo poem : "the Eye was in the grave, and he was watching Caïn...")
"Hi, dad ? It's about mom's alimony, we really need that, Joseph is broke again..." Jesus
"Oh no, let's get there by car, I'm sick of walking." Saint Jacques de Compostelle
"No ma'am, I'm no gynecologist and this is no echography. Please listen to me very carefully..." The Archangel Gabriel
"I'm warning you, if you call me "little dick" a third time!..." David
"I prefer pies. Can you make a pie ?" Eve
"Okay, since everybody forgot his bathing suit, here's what we're gonna do..." Moïse

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