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quotes about great catastrophes...

"I have a good and a bad news. The good one is that those swimming lesson are now open..." The Captain of the Titanic
"What... What is that white and red pile down the cliff?" Panurge
"Hey guys, what's going on ? What are you doing ? Why is everyone jumping off... hey hey hey, comiiiiing!!" a Panurge's sheep
"Did you see that aviator, the way he looked at you? Like he's Saint something, so he thinks he's god!" a Panurge's sheep
"I promise you, if you don't succeed in flying, I'll try it after you in memorian." a Panurge's sheep
"Well, you can go play near that cliff, but no foolish stuff, okay?" Panurge
"Look at that, it's very funny, I alway have the impression that they're comming just at me... Look at this one!" the World Trade Center
"The alert exercise button, is it the green one, or the red one?" H. Simpsonovitch, head of security, Tchernobyl plant
"Put the ammonitrate there, on the floor, we'll take care of it later..." H. Simpsonovitch, head of security, AZT plant, Toulouse France
"Can you believe my wife bought me a flame-thrower ? Do you think I can try it here ?" the captain of the Hindenburg
"Here, two uranium bars for 10 000 dollars. What, dangerous ? Of course not, what are you, a greeny or something ?..." the ex-manager of the AZF plant, Toulouse, France
"Booooooohhh!! Mommyyyyyyy !!! Why do all my boats always sink?" the (to be) captain of the Titanic

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