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quotes about computers and computer guys

"I'm working ? I'm working... I'm working!!!!!
Oh oh, system ressources problem ? Sorry..."
Windows Millenium Edition
"Now you miss me, don't you ? You miss me!! Perhaps I was only in black and white, but I worked !! Exactly, I worked!! Bastards..." DOS
"Here's your mail for today... Spam, spam, spam and spam... And oh ! A chain letter !" Outlook Express
"Hey ! Free software is not necessarily bullshit! Look at Linux!" Internet Explorer
"It's itching, itching, itching, aaaargnnnh !! That firewall is like a sieve!!..." _restore
"That's not Bill Gates who should be a millionaire, that's me!" Rene Gates, the other's evil twin
"Damn flu ! I swear that one day, my name will be synonymous with terror of the viruses!" Norton
"An abacus ? that's original!... You're fired." Bill Gates
"Who's the funny guy who's running a bug-free version of windows? Want to ruin the trade or what ?" Bill Gates

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