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"A dwarf ? Where, where ?... Oh..." Dany de Vito
"I've got a name for the band : Windows 67, because we're in 67 !! Isn't that a great name, huh ?" Jim Morrison
"I don't want to go to that party, the U2's and the New Order's will be there and they're such loosers !" Depeche Mode
"Two bottles of shampoo for the price of one ? Finally, my dream HAS become true..." Yul Brynner
"Groucho Marx ? Chicco Marx ? That's NOT funny." Ms Brothers
"No sorry, I just have conjunctivitis, that's why I'm screwing my eyes up... What do you mean, stay like this ?" Clint Eastwood
"No sorry, I just have conjunctivitis, that's why I'm screwing my eyes up... What do you mean, stay like this ?" Clint Eastwood
"I like apples, or pears, but grapes just trigger my wrath!!" John Steinbeck
"You know son, I won't always be there to fish you out, so listen to me: building those "houses" like you do, that's your thing, not playing in the rivers..." Le Corbusier's dad
"Stunt time!! Okay... the toast goes toward the bowl of milk... and down... and... Damn!!" Jean Paul Belmondo 2002
"My wife, my kids, compressed in a car accident... Mmmmh, compressed ?" Cesar (yes, the sculptor)
"I'll call this compression Family, and I'll sell it for 4 millions dollars." Cesar (still the sculptor)
"In a restaurant, I like the waitress best..." Hannibal Lecter
"Spend Christmas in Afganistan ? Yeah, sounds like fun!" John Mc Laine
"Jurassic Park IV ? He, THAT sounds good!" Steven Spielberg
"Listen, you won't teach me how to change a light bulb!" Claude François (to his bath duck)
"the truck is slowing down, I'll pass easy." Coluche
"Really ? Can I come in the helicopter ?" Daniel Balavoine
" Wass sagst du ? Ich höre nitchevo." Beethoven
"Yes, but I like Citizen Roger too" Orson Welles
"Hey, that kind of looks nice..." Michelangelo
"Aouch, I burned my finger !... Just joking." E. T.
"No no no, I don't want to buy a raincoat, I want to buy an umbrella !" Mary Poppins
"I'm really sorry for you, Milou, but as you can see, there are no chicks around here..." Tintin
"No, I swear I never slept with Madonna, we're just friends." Harry Potter
"Harry Potter and I, it's over now, we're just friends." Madonna
"No, I never heard of the captain Flam, and no, I am not from that planet. Suzanne Vega
"But mom, I am one of the greatest architects of all times, I'm the funder of modern architecture, I can't do a traditional house for y... Aouch! Okay, okay..." Le Corbusier
"And I'd play a cowboy ? Why not a pigboy ! You're crazy, that will never work !!" John Wayne
"What are you saying, Tootsie's dress ? You mean... Let me have a look at that script again !!" Dustin Hoffman
"Yes, Guiseppe, one four seasons. Yes, Guiseppe, it's very funny, I'm laughing a lot." Vivaldi
"I love this job, Mister Vador pays well and the food is great" Independant worker on the Death Star
"Luke, we can't do that ! Think of all the independant workers!" Han Solo
"Hhhhhhhhh ! Hhhhhhhh ! Where is that damn asthm spray?" Darth Vador
"Stop moving ! I can't paint under these conditions! Last-warning: the Demoiselles d'Avignon will look like nothing!!" Pablo Picasso
"What ? A camera ? Damn Santa Claus, I said I wanted a machine gun!" Robert Doisneau
"Damn squirrel, you're really breaking my... Hey ?" Tchaïkovski
"Marylin, stop showing your underwear to everyone ! Nobody's interested, you know..." Ms Monroe
"Daddy, I know you want me to learn pistol shooting, but mom and I saw that macramé school..." Billy the Kid
"Rhett, you're a nice guy and all, but I don't understand what you're talking about : what exactly is gone with the wind??" Scarlett O'Hara
"My red norvegian shoes ? Strange..." Carl Perkins
"A wax doll ? It's a stupid gift, mom, you can't play with that!" France Gall
"Ha ha ha ha ha, hierk hierk hierk, I think they might begin to notice something... Huierk hierk hierk !!" David Linch
Gnnnnnnnnnn.... Gnnnnnn... Pfffff !" Bernardo to the mime Marceau
"Gnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiii !!!!" Jane Fonda
"The grapes of wrath ? Coool, I love grapes..." Henri Fonda
"Sing in a Renault ? Well, if you think that's a good idea... Ohh, WITH Renault, the singer !!." Axelle Red
"Are the fish biting today, mister Schubert ? Someone is going to come home with an empty bag again, ha ha ha ha !!!!" the trout
"Hi hi hi hi hi, stop that, you're tickling me!!" Terminator
"If I remember ? My memory is like an ele... No, I don't remember." Elephant Man

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