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"No, no, it's not me you're looking for, it's Vasco de Gamma." Vasco de Omo
"My teeth hurt... Did anyone find the lemon box?Aooch... there we go, another one down..." Christopher Colombus
"The way of God... Hmm, okay, God... So, where's the G?" Indiana Jones
"I think I'll ask one of those penguins if he knows where the north pole exactly is...." Paul Emile Victor
"Looks like it was some kind of hospital... All those stiff necks... And the signs must be some kind of chinese stuff... yeah, that's it, chinese." Jean François Champollion
" Dear collegues, I want to talk to you about my last discov... Where am I?" Alois Alzheimer
"M... Mom! What are you doing with dad?" Sigmund Freud
"Grooomph !" Lucy
"You think I can't jump that mountain ?" Neil Amstrong
What exactly is that propeller plane story I heard ? If you want to stay with us, you've gotta lose the attitude!" Joseph de Montgolfier
"I drunk too much, my head is spinning... Hey, what did I say?" Galileo
"I don't care, if nobody wants to buy me a kite, I'll do one myself!" Benjamin Franklin
"Shit, no more paper" Gutemberg
"Now I'm sure my theory is relative. At least I go on..." Albert Einstein
"Fly a planeover the Channel ? Are you crazy?" Louis Blériot
"If we put bells on the pigeons, we could know when we have a message..." Graham Bell
"No, I never said I take the key of the LEM because YOU were supposed to take the key of the LEM!" Neil Amstrong
"What time did you say ?" Albert "Dr" Schweitzer
"Listen guy, stewed apples in the shoes wasn't a funny joke the first time, and it's not getting funnier now!" Isaac Newton

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