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"Instead of throwing shit away, maybe I could sell it...." Ronald Mc Donald
"Roux, your father wants his rope and his pulley back. We have to undo your... thing." Combaluzier
"I'm sure we could blow our noses somewhere else than in our fingers!" Joe Kleenex
"Black, you have a mental problem ! You have to stop drilling, or we'll get evicted from the building, and I'll leave you!." Decker
"White, forget about that dry piece of rag you're using, and look at what I just invented.." Spirit
"You what ? But I... I fuck you with... with... latex ! That's it, latex, got that ? Hey, latex..." Joe Durex
"I want to create an oil compagny, and I'll call it... Mississipico !!" Joe Texaco
"Lung cancer ? Why on earth would I get lung cancer ? Hoooooo...." the Marlboro cowboy
"Who put all our corn harvest in that hot oven, it's going to be all ruined!!! Aaaaaaaarghhh !!" Will Keith Kelloggs
"Damn, all those beautiful fruits are now ruined!... What can I do with squized fruits and that bag of sugar ?" Granma
"Mom, look! when I rub cheese on my open wounds, it gets really nice red and fun!... Mom?" Joe Babybel
"Maybe if I stop that daily beans thing..." Michelin's bibendum

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