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"A thirteenth work ? Sorry, I finished my week..." Hercule
"Yeah, could you send me a temp for a replacement ? That would be for decembre 24th..." tired Santa Claus
"My nose is itching. And nobody around..." Atlas
"Bueno. Only 242 rooms left to clean, now." princess Cendrillon's cleaning lady
"Yeah, put that in the box if you want... NOOOOOO!!! Not in the box!!!" Pandora
"Gesundheit? Ha ha ha ha,gesundheit, very funny..." Sneezy
"Glasses ? Well, thank you I guess." The Cyclop
"Hi mister seismologist, you bought a new boat ?" atlantis' mayor
"Hey : What a tide today !" atlantis' mayor
"I really have to pee..." sleeping beauty
"Look, it's the flute player going for a walk in the forest with the kids ! That's a nice guy, and not the kind to hold a grudge !" a Hamelin inhabitant
"There you are, young man, your 5 pounds... So you owe me five...? Damn, this one also is asleep ??" the sandman
"So what you're telling me is that when THIS gets longer, you're not lying? Hmmm... And what was the second thing you wanted to tell me?" The Blue Fairy
"No sugar lumps in my coffee. Personal reasons." Isis
"You know what, Romulus? We should build a town, and we would call it Reme." Remus
"No, you don't get a lawyer nor a fair trial, I get to decide if you were nice or not." Santa Klaus
"No general, I didn't mean to violate the afghan aerial space, I was just delivering... aoch!!" Santa Klaus
"An ear folder? That's very funny. Who would have though dwarfs were so funny?" Dumbo
"My name is perhaps not so hot, but you're named Snow-white for Christ sake!" Grumpy
"What is that Barby, Pokemon shit ? Okay, subscription to the rabbit for every kid !!" Santa Claus
"Listen son, we'll play something funny: apple or cherry?" Guillaume Tell
"No, what you feel is my flute" Pan
"My thigh hurts... I must be due..." Jupiter
"You say you want to exchange a bottle of bleach for that only shoe? It's like a dream!" Cinderella
"What did you get me, my dear little helpers ?... A new sack ?.. So I say to you Playstation, and what you hear is New Sack ?!!" Santa Claus
"Yeah, wood is nice, but wax is so coool..." Icarus
"Oh, shit, I have a tree in the eye... Huuuuu... There it goes, damn trees !!" the cyclop
"Rrrrrrrrrr... Pchhchchc... RROOO...Sniggrrllff, krrrr, krrrr... rrrrrrrhh..." Sleeping Beauty
"I think I'll plane myself a chick. Yeah, a wooden chick for me..." Geppetho
"Glasses ? God, my cheeks are going to be so happy !!" the cyclops

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