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"Ivan ? Ohey !!!..." Invanhoe
"Sorry Robert, but I don't get a word you're saying..." Collins
"Penelope, my dear, it's me, I'm back !!!! (god, she has really aged...)" Ulysses
"What the f... What's this boat, who are this guys ?!! Go away,goooo awaaay !! It's MY treasure, MY treasure !!!" the treasure island
"I'm done here, but I rest my case, you really should think about that mask thing I told you about..." the Masque de Fer's beautician
"For Whom the Doorbell Rings ?... Hmmm... I'm not sure..." Ernest Hemingway
"Your hair are really mutinous, but you'll get a great haircut anyway..." a bounty mutineer
"And when I drink too much, them whales become pink..." captain Achab
"God I'm late...Oh, and what's the point ? Let's make a break, have a beer, smoke something, and I'll get back to that later ..." the white rabbit (Alice's)
"No spice for me, thanks. Gives me diarrhea everytime..." Paul "Muad'dib" Atréïdes (Dune)
"What do you want again ? A story ? Oh no, mom worked all day long, she's too tired now, I'll turn on the TV." Sheherazade
"Aooch, I've got a cavity !! I hope people won't notice...." the Cheschire Cat
"What do you mean, crabs ? Nooo... I won't think of it as a disease... more as a love story..." Eric Segal
"Moooom!! The kids at school are always calling my nose names, so I gave them all away to the teacher!!" Cyrano de Bergerac
"Of course, Thru Every Hole would be a sales hit, but I prefer the Sentimental Education." Gustave Flaubert
"A naked woman ? Should I rather draw you someting more of your age, like a sheep ?" Antoine de Saint Exupery
"He really drew me a sheep! Jeez, I wanted a naked woman! Fucking aviator bastard..." the Little Prince
"Thongs ? Thank you I guess, Mom." Puss in Boots
"The what letters? But, that's stupid, I don't even own a windmill!" Alphonse Daudet
"Stupid, stupid, stupid multifunctions robot who won't even make a simple orange juice! I hate robots!" Isaac Asimov
"Please, ma'am, hide those breasts I cannot see... Just joking." The marquis de Sade
"I will write the most annoying book ever, and call it... Ms Bovary." Gustave Flaubert
"I'll take some peas, and two spons of that soup... hop, hop, top!" Gargantua

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