the famous quotes and sayings thing

stone and pyramids talk to us

inert matter and monuments talk to us...

"Oh yesssss, your hand is SO warm, it feels so good, oh rub me again, oh yes, oh yes.. Hmmmm, click, oh yes, just click again, yeesssss, I'm comiiiing..." your computer's mouse
"Barby, I'm going to have sex with you, as soon as I find my penis..." Ken
"Aooch !! Aoooch !! Hey, I didn't do anything, stop hitting me like that!!" the "enter" key
"What is it today ? Green and slimmy ? Hierk, do I hate this shit job !!" a roll of toilet paper
"Aooch !! Aaaoooch !!! Aooch!! Aooch !!" a blade of grass under the rain
"Look, look, I'm a penis ! Now you do what I say, and we'll have some fun..." a cloud
"You see my son, never, just never gaze directly into the sun... Hey, stop crying, mom was kidding!!" a sunflower
"Ken, touch my hand again ? Ooooh, I'm having an orgasm..." Barby
"Coming up, honey ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!" the stairs to the attic
"What the ? Hooow, just leave me alone another hour..." the alarm clock
"What do you mean I have scoliosis?" the Pise tower
"Zzzzzzzzzzz..." a log
"Yes you're pretty, look at you, those colors, those tones, boy you're georgeous!" a picture
"Don't listen to them, nobody's greener on the other side, that fence stuff is just nonsense." a balde of grass
"Gnnnh ! Gnnnnnnhiargh ! Damn, still no chocolate today..." The Venus of Milo
"Damn, moss again... I should do more rolling." a stone
"Quick, everybody behind me ! No, they won't see you, even if you are two thousands, it's an infallible trick." a tree
"I can just stick the torch under my elbow, In could turn the page..." The statue of Liberty
"Aaaah... Aaaaaaaaah... ATCHAAAI !!!!! Damn, my nose..." the Sphynx
"I'm rusted under the arms or what ?" La Tour Eiffel
"Ha, ha, haaaaa..... ATCHIAA !!!!" The Etna

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