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In this section, read lots of quotes from variously famous and well-kown guys. The quotes here are what they could have said, or what they said but wasn't reported anywhere, or what they should have said. All are Phiip's "work".
Check all our quotes by category, or just read the whole lists.

the last quotes NEW : all 2004 quotes !
quotes about computers et computer guys the last quotes the 2003 quotes looooooove !! quotes about love
kaboom ! kablooie !! quotes about great catastrophes eureka !! quotes about great discoveries and great inventions animals are REALLY idiots !! animals are dorks
anime and cartoons quotes about cartoons, anime and TV that's just creepy and mean !! quotes about the bible and the gullibleness the stone at the shrink's inert matter talks to us
hail me ! quotes about politics, war, sports and stupidity like a fairy tale come true fairy tales and legends quotes culture, at last !! quotes about general "culture" : movies, music, sculpture, mime...
quotes about super-heros books books books litterature quotes industry and trade industrial quotes
old but very funny quotes quotes from 2002 and 2001 subscribe to the comic strip for free !! subscribe to the rabbit (what ?)

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