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quotes about super-heroes and comic books characters

"Want a piece of fly sandwich? Can't finish mine..." Spiderman
"Spider-man ? That's crap ! What kind of spider are we talking about anyway ?!!" the Black Widow
"A beach... Why do I have that urge to lay some eggs in the sand ?..." Donnatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
"Those are nice garter belts... That would be a cool change from these blue and red tights..." Superman
"There's ONE thing that pisses me off, and that's jackstraws." Bruce "The Hulk" Banner
"Where am I, now ? Do you like it ? Why don't you answer ? Oh..." invisible man to invisible woman
"You cleaned the spider webs ? Noooo, I said everything but the spider webs !!" Peter Parker
"Okay, Reed Richards, what you need tio do is stop eating rubber, and everything will be back to normal in no time." Mr Fantastic's doctor
"Usually, I give lotion for crabs, but I think I'll do yours with my chainsaw..." the Giant Man's doctor
"But I love you very much also, Robin ! Why the long face ? Oooooh... Aooch..." Batman
"What is it ??... Two hundred meters of bandages ? You really shouldn't have done that...." the invisible man

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