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"You know, I have indian friends." General Custer
"When this will be over, I think I will open a nice hat store." Davy Crockett (in Fort Alamo)
"You said it was a what tea?" Socrates
"Listen, I'm going to talk to the Indians. It's probably a misunderstanding." General Custer
"Someone's knocking at the door, probably an offer of peace..." chief of the tchetchen commando
"You know, Goebbels, I'm not sure about my style... Should I comb a big tuft of hair on my forehead, or put out one eye?" Adolf Hitler
"You voted for me ? That's just great, bye!!... Hey, Hans, what's that vote thing they keep talking about ?" Adolf Hitler
"Tell me again my Merry Men, we steal FROM the poor and give TO the rich, is that it this time ?..." Robin Hood
"So you're the famous Robin Hood, that takes from the poor and gives to the rich !... What, did I say something stupid ?" Maid Mariann
"And here you can see the compression of an hospital by Georges W. Bush..." Saddam Hussein
"A modern art sculpture ? Ho silly me who thought it could be some kind of bomb or something ! Again sorry mister Hussein..." an UNO inspector
"Okay, let's evacuate the hospitals people, Bush is going on chirurgical war again..." Saddam Hussein
"Hey, look at that ! A nice fan is giving me a knife ! How kind is that ?" Bertrand Delanoë (maire of Paris, has recently been stabbed by an homophobic guy)
"Josiane, will you please cancel my speech at the knives trowers convention ? Tell them I've become allergic..." Bertrand Delanoë
"Is it me, or do I smell gas ?..." Maurice Papon
"Nice pyramid, but it would really look better if you move it just 100 feet to there." Keops
"Sniff sniff... Do I smell soap ? Who did wash himself ?!!!" Gengis Khan
"Mister Le Corbusier, I'm your biggest admirer, you really know how to humilate people..." Doctor Petiot
"Honey, I got that life insurance thing... Who's on the phone, Sitting ? Can you hand me the phone so I can say hi to that old bastard!" General Custer
"Kids !!! Everyone calm down, or I'll invent school !!" Charlemagne
"Driver, go left... No right! No stop, no go, go, no arrrrrgnhhh, can't do it!" François Hollande, leader of the french progessist party
"An election film ? God I love fictions !! The Abstentionnist is my favorite of all times !!" Jean Marie Le Pen, 2010
"Gnnnn... There's something coming up my ass, it's unbearable !" Marianne (french's Uncle Sam)
"You have a gift for me, Brutus ? Ooooh, a knife, what a great present !!" Julius Cesar
"Cesar, those that will be running salute... damn !! Dying, damnit, dying..." Spartacus
"Adolf, quit annoying little Joseph now !! That's ridiculous, you're loosing everytime... Excuse us, Ms Stalin." Ms Hitler
"Should I grow a bearb or a mustache? Or maybe one of these goatees, goatees are nice..." Abraham Lincoln
"Georges ?... Are you looking for me? I'm hidding now." Osama bin Laden
"Listen carefully, if he has a djellaba, even a furred one, and if he has a beard, even a white one, then he is a islamist! Throw him in jail!" George W. Bush
"From the top of those pyramids, we could do some nice gliding..." Napoléon
"You know, I'm not really aiming for the grass..." Attila the Hun
"Caramba, missed again !" George W. Bush
"I've been having this stiff neck for ages... If I could get rid of it defintively..." Danton
"After the fight, I think I'll buy a farm in Little Big Horn, grow some tomatoes, lay in the sun..." General Custer
"That's terrible, you never have fire when you need it!" Nicki Lauda
"So you waited thirty years to tell me it look like a "napkin""??bs??? Yasser Arafat
"All we nead is some rain, now!" General Custer
"Satisfying the consumer is a priority to any worker" Karl Marx
"My ribs are scratching like hell !" Napoléon
"So THAT is a car..." Jeannie Longo
"What ?" Georges W. Bush

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