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For the first time, Han Solo, Vivaldi, the Statue of Liberty, Neil Amstrong (or Neil Armstrong), Spock, Sneezy, Picasso, Steve Austin, Georges W. Bush, Spiderman, David Linch, the three little pigs, Georges Bernard Shaw (?), Dany de Vito, Jim Morrison, Yul Brinner, the Cheschire cat, Cyrano de Bergerac, Geppetho, Princess Mononoke, Panurge and his sheeps, Charlemagne, the Sphinx, Barby, DOS, the little prince, Adolf Hitler, Spartacus, Rene Gates, Flipper the Dolphin, Ms Hitler, a stone, Indiana Jones, Romeo, Godzilla, Pandora, Sneezy, Darth Vador, John Wayne, Alphonse Daudet, Isaac Asimov, Santa Klaus, Pikachu, Harry Potter, Dumbo, Norton, Snow White, Elephant Man, Guillaume Tell, Steven Spielberg, Graham Bell, Tintin, Albert Einstein, E. T., Danton, Billy the Kid, Nicki Lauda, Michelangelo, Daniel Balavoine, Beethoven, Oussama Ben Laden and the Venus of Milo talk freely about their life, hopes and feelings.

The people quoted here are famous politicians, cartoon characters, ads guys, famous authors, artists, business people, astronauts (well, one astronaut) and greeks. Lots of well-know greek gods, goddesses, famous heros, superheros, inert matter, inert software and some animals. Famous ones of course...

All the quoting work here is kind of authentic. Collected by well-known specialists in many fields, they benefit of the DUCK WARRANT.

The DUCK WARRANT assures you that everything you can read in these pages comes right from the quoted time with the help of a wonderful time-machine, driven by an underpaid but incompetent specialist accompanied by a graduated translator.

The duck was built in wood from some wood thing.

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"Dad ? Joseph asks if you are coming for my birthday..." Jesus
"You know, honey, the fulgurofist was a good idea, but the fulgurodick is just lame..." girlfriend of Goldorak, aka Grandizer aka Grendizer aka Goldrake
"Yeah, could you send me a temp for a replacement ? That would be for decembre 24th..." tired Santa Claus
"Hi mister seismologist, you bought a new boat ?" atlantis' mayor
"Hey : What a tide today !" atlantis' mayor
"I really have to pee..." sleeping beauty
"To be or not to be ?..." the teletoobies
"Hey, I just thought of something... Ho ho, it's gone now..." Averell Teletubbies
"Ivan ? Ohey !!!..." Invanhoe
"Look, it's the flute player going for a walk in the forest with the kids ! That's a nice guy, and not the kind to hold a grudge !" a Hamelin inhabitant
"Sorry Robert, but I don't get a word you're saying..." Collins
"Tell me again my Merry Men, we steal FROM the poor and give TO the rich, is that it this time ?..." Robin Hood
"So you're the famous Robin Hood, that takes from the poor and gives to the rich !... What, did I say something stupid ?" Maid Mariann
"Mister ? Hey, mister with the flute, there is a problem : I don't have my bathing suit..." a rat of Hamelin
"Penelope, my dear, it's me, I'm back !!!! (god, she has really aged...)" Ulysses
"But I love you very much also, Robin ! Why the long face ? Oooooh... Aooch..." Batman
"What the f... What's this boat, who are this guys ?!! Go away,goooo awaaay !! It's MY treasure, MY treasure !!!" the treasure island
"Lung cancer ? Why on earth would I get lung cancer ? Hoooooo...." the Marlboro cowboy
"Hi hi hi hi hi, stop that, you're tickling me!!" Terminator
"There you are, young man, your 5 pounds... So you owe me five...? Damn, this one also is asleep ??" the sandman
"I here to collect my pay of master of the world... What, only that ?!!!" Phiip the Phiip
"What is that Barby, Pokemon shit ? Okay, subscription to the rabbit for every kid !!" Santa Claus
"What did you get me, my dear little helpers ?... A new sack ?.. So I say to you Playstation, and what you hear is New Sack ?!!" Santa Claus
"Hi, dad ? It's about mom's alimony, we really need that, Joseph is broke again..." Jesus
"Sure honey, everything in me is bold, big, and brown!! You want to check ?" Mr Potatoe
"I'm done here, but I rest my case, you really should think about that mask thing I told you about..." the Masque de Fer's beautician
"Are the fish biting today, mister Schubert ? Someone is going to come home with an empty bag again, ha ha ha ha !!!!" the trout
"Oh, shit, I have a tree in the eye... Huuuuu... There it goes, damn trees !!" the cyclop
"Can you believe my wife offered me a flame-thrower ? Do you think I can try it here ?" the captain of the Hindenburg
"For Whom the Doorbell Rings ?... Hmmm... I'm not sure..." Ernest Hemingway
"Hmm, my love, I love you so much, I want to kiss... AOOCH !! Hey you silly bitch, can't you watch out with your damn horn, you're fucking goring me !!!" a unicorn
"And here you can see the compression of an hospital by Georges W. Bush..." Saddam Hussein
"A modern art sculpture ? Ho silly me who thought it could be some kind of bomb or something ! Again sorry mister Hussein..." an UNO inspector
"Someone's knocking at the door, probably an offer of peace..." chief of the tchetchen commando
"Coming up, honey ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!" the stairs to the attic
"Okay, let's evacuate the hospitals people, Bush is going on chirurgical war again..." Saddam Hussein
"Your hair are really mutinous, but you'll get a great haircut anyway..." a bounty mutineer
"And when I drink too much, them whales become pink..." captain Achab
"God I'm late...Oh, and what's the point ? Let's make a break, have a beer, smoke something, and I'll get back to that later ..." the white rabbit (Alice's)
"What the ? Hooow, just leave me alone another hour..." the alarm clock
"Oh yesssss, your hand is SO warm, it feels so good, oh rub me again, oh yes, oh yes.. Hmmmm, click, oh yes, just click again, yeesssss, I'm comiiiing..." your computer's mouse
"Aooch !! Aoooch !! Hey, I didn't do anything, stop hitting me like that!!" the "enter" key
"And now, something completly the same..." the Monthy Pythons
"Oh no, let's get there by car, I'm sick of walking." Saint Jacques de Compostelle
"What is it today ? Green and slimmy ? Hierk, do I hate this shit job !!" a roll of toilet paper
"Heeelgloob, I gloob can't gloob gloob helgloob !!!.... Oooooops, I forgot I am a fish again..." a fish
"Sing in a Renault ? Well, if you think that's a good idea... Ohh, WITH Renault, the singer !!." Axelle Red (and not Vanessa Paradis !!)
"No spice for me, thanks. Gives me diarrhea everytime..." Paul "Muad'dib" Atréïdes (Dune)
"Hey, look at that ! A nice fan is giving me a knife ! How kind is that ?" Bertrand Delanoë (maire of Paris, has recently been stabbed by an homophobic guy)
"Josiane, will you please cancel my speech at the knives trowers convention ? Tell them I've become allergic..." Bertrand Delanoë
"Atchiaa !! Atchoo !! A... Atchhhhmm !!... It's the unicorns, get them out of the boat !!" Noë
"What the... Moïse, could you stop doing your stupid show while I'm walking on the sea ??" Jesus Christ
"Okay, so you're... the 40 sales representatives... Well, come in, I'll do some coffee." Ali Baba
"Okay, Reed Richards, what you need tio do is stop eating rubber, and everything will be back to normal in no time." Mr Fantastic's doctor
"What do you want again ? A story ? Oh no, mom worked all day long, she's too tired now, I'll turn on the TV." Sheherazade
"Usually, I give lotion for crabs, but I think I'll do yours with my chainsaw..." the Giant Man's doctor
"No, I'm not Hulk, I've got jaundice, that's all..." the sick Smurf
"Aooch !! Aaaoooch !!! Aooch!! Aooch !!" a blade of grass under the rain
"Because your clitoris deserves it." Alain Mikli
"What do you mean, you can see everything ? Oh..." Tarzan
"Here, two uranium bars for 10 000 dollars. What, dangerous ? Of course not, what are you, a greeny or something ?..." the ex-manager of the AZF plant, Toulouse, France
"Is it me, or do I smell gas ?..." Maurice Papon
"Where am I, now ? Do you like it ? Why don't you answer ? Oh..." invisible man to invisible woman
"Maybe if I stop that daily beans thing..." Michelin's bibendum
"You cleaned the spider webs ? Noooo, I said everything but the spider webs !!" Peter Parker
"Bueno. Only 242 rooms left to clean, now." princess Cendrillon's cleaning lady
Gnnnnnnnnnn.... Gnnnnnn... Pfffff !" Bernardo to the mime Marceau
"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll take my buldozer, and I'll blow your brick house in !! " the big bad wolf
"Well, straw is the material for the kings !! Bring me more straw and more beers, ha ha ha !! You can come here wolfy, and break your nose on my house !! " the first little pig
"Your straw house is so coool !! And me, like I'm stupid or something, I made mine of wood, not coool..." the second little piggy
"Fools !! Fools !! You don't know what you are doing, and now you are going to die !! You are damned, damned !!" the third little piggy
"I don't understand what happened, my plan was perfect !!" first little piggy
"If I get in the top ten of Top Web Comics, you might see funny quotes again... " Phiip the Phiip
"Ha ha ha ha ha, hierk hierk hierk, I think they might begin to notice something... Huierk hierk hierk !!" David Linch
"Gnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiii !!!!" Jane Fonda
"The grapes of wrath ? Coool, I love grapes..." Henri Fonda
"Sniff sniff... Do I smell soap ? Who did wash himself ?!!!" Gengis Khan
"Well, I'm not really into apples, but if that means so much to you... " Adam
"Caïn ? Is that you ?" the eye (like in the Victor Hugo poem : "the Eye was in the grave, and he was watching Caïn...")
"A beach ? Now I have that urge to lay some eggs in the sand..." Donnatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
"A mouse ? Where ??" Minnie Mouse
"What is it ??... Two hundred meters of bandages ? You really shouldn't have done that...." the invisible man
"Ho ho... With a face like that, I think I just caught jaundice...." Homer Simpson
"Yeah ? Well, if I look like a faggot, then everybody on this ship looks like a faggot ! That's what happens when you dress up in tights." Spock
"What do you mean, you don't like YMCA ?" the camping manager
"Spiderman ? That's crap ! Which spider are we talking about anyway ?!!" the Black Widow
"I'll just write a quotes book, and forget about those regular books and stuff !!...." Georges Bernard Shaw
"A beach... Why do I have that urge to lay some eggs in the sand ?..." Donnatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
"A dwarf ? Where, where ?... Oh..." Dany de Vito
"I've got a name for the band : Windows 67, because we're in 67 !! Isn't that a great name, huh ?" Jim Morrison
"I don't want to go to that party, the U2's and the New Order's will be there and they're such loosers !" Depeche Mode
"I'm done, and it's number two !! Who'll wipe me ?" Steevy (french's Loft Story)
"Two bottles of shampoo for the price of one ? Finally, my dream HAS become true..." Yul Brynner
"Who put all our corn harvest in that hot oven, it's going to be all ruined!!! Aaaaaaaarghhh !!" Will Keith Kelloggs
"Groucho Marx ? Chicco Marx ? That's NOT funny." Ms Brothers
"Aooch, I've got a cavity !! I hope people won't notice...." the Cheschire Cat
"No sorry, I just have conjunctivitis, that's why I'm screwing my eyes up... What do you mean, stay like this ?" Clint Eastwood
"Rrrrrrrrrr... Pchhchchc... RROOO...Sniggrrllff, krrrr, krrrr... rrrrrrrhh..." Sleeping Beauty
"Damn, all those beautiful fruits are now ruined!... What can I do with squized fruits and that bag of sugar ?" Granma
"What do you mean, crabs ? Nooo... I won't think of it as a disease... more as a love story..." Eric Segal
"Moooom!! The kids at school are always calling my nose names, so I gave them all away to the teacher!!" Cyrano de Bergerac
"No sorry, I just have conjunctivitis, that's why I'm screwing my eyes up... What do you mean, stay like this ?" Clint Eastwood
"I like apples, or pears, but grapes just trigger my wrath!!" John Steinbeck
"I think I'll plane myself a chick. Yeah, a wooden chick for me..." Geppetho
"Mister Le Corbusier, I'm your biggest admirer, you really know how to humilate people..." Doctor Petiot
"You know son, I won't always be there to fish you out, so listen to me: building those "houses" like you do, that's your thing, not playing in the rivers..." Le Corbusier's dad
"Of course I'm winning..." the green she-bear
"Glasses ? God, my cheeks are going to be so happy !!" the cyclops
"Stunt time!! Okay... the toast goes toward the bowl of milk... and down... and... Damn!!" Jean Paul Belmondo 2002
"Some plastic bag in the grass, that can't be such a big deal..." Princess Mononoke
"My wife, my kids, compressed in a car accident... Mmmmh, compressed ?" Cesar (yes, the sculptor)
"I'll call this compression Family, and I'll sell it for 4 millions dollars." Cesar (still the sculptor)
"Hey guys, what's going on ? What are you doing ? Why is everyone jumping off... hey hey hey, comiiiiing!!" a Panurge's sheep
"Did you see that aviator, the way he looked at you? Like he's Saint something, so he thinks he's god!" a Panurge's sheep
"I promise you, if you don't succeed in flying, I'll try it after you in memorian." a Panurge's sheep
"Well, you can go play near that cliff, but no foolish stuff, okay?" Panurge
"Honey, I got that life insurance thing... Who's on the phone, Sitting ? Can you hand me the phone so I can say hi to that old bastard!" General Custer
"In a restaurant, I like the waitress best..." Hannibal Lecter
"Spend Christmas in Afganistan ? Yeah, sounds like fun!" John Mc Laine
"Aaaah... Aaaaaaaaah... ATCHAAAI !!!!! Damn, my nose..." the Sphynx
"Nice pyramid, but it would really look better if you move it just 100 feet to there." Keops
"Kids !!! Everyone calm down, or I'll invent school !!" Charlemagne
"A wax doll ? It's a stupid gift, mom, you can't play with that!" France Gall
"Driver, go left... No right! No stop, no go, go, no arrrrrgnhhh, can't do it!" François Hollande, leader of the french progessist party
"Look, look, I'm a penis ! Now you do what I say, and we'll have some fun..." a cloud
"My red norvegian shoes ? Strange..." Carl Perkins
"You see my son, never, just never gaze directly into the sun... Hey, stop crying, mom was kidding!!" a sunflower
"Barby, I'm going to have sex with you, as soon as I find my penis..." Ken
"Ken, touch my hand again ? Ooooh, I'm having an orgasm..." Barby
"I hope that cold will heal fast, I'm getting a little nasal here..." Donald Duck
"You're not funny, Moses, I also had something to show them, but I need the Red See to do it !" Jesus Christ
"Look at that, it's very funny, I alway have the impression that they're comming just at me... Look at this one!" the World Trade Center
"I'm working ? I'm working... I'm working!!!!! Oh oh, system ressources problem ? Sorry..." Windows Millenium Edition
"Now you miss me, don't you ? You miss me!! Perhaps I was only in black and white, but I worked !! Exactly, I worked!! Bastards..." DOS
"Here's your mail for today... Spam, spam, spam and spam... Oh ! A chain letter !" Outlook Express
"Hey ! Free software is not necessarily bullshit! Look at Linux!" Internet Explorer
"It's itching, itching, itching, aaaargnnnh !! That firewall is like a sieve!!..." _restore
"A naked woman ? Should I rather draw you someting more of your age, like a sheep ?" Antoine de Saint Exupery
"He really drew me a sheep! Jeez, I wanted a naked woman! Fucking aviator bastard..." the Little Prince
"What do you mean I have scoliosis?" the Pise tower
"An election film ? God I love fictions !! The Abstentionnist is my favorite of all times !!" Jean Marie Le Pen, 2010
"You know, Goebbels, I'm not sure about my style... Should I comb a big tuft of hair on my forehead, or put out one eye?" Adolf Hitler
"You voted for me ? That's just great, bye!!... Hey, Hans, what's that vote thing they keep talking about ?" Adolf Hitler
"Gnnnn... There's something coming up my ass, it's unbearable !" Marianne (french's Uncle Sam)
"You have a gift for me, Brutus ? Ooooh, a knife, what a great present !!" Julius Cesar
"Cesar, those that will be running salute... damn !! Dying, damnit, dying..." Spartacus
"You know, I have indian friends." General Custer
"That's not Bill Gates who should be a millionaire, that's me!" Rene Gates, the other's evil twin
"No, Jasmine, that's not the place to rub... Yes, a little down... That's it, rub it slowly, yessss..." Aladdin (or Alladin ? Alladdin ? Aladin ? whatever !)
"Bloob, bloob... gasp !!! Help, I'm drowning !!... Just joking." Flipper the Dolphin
"Rhett, you're a nice guy and all, but I don't understand what you're talking about : what exactly is gone with the wind??" Scarlett O'Hara
"My tongue was really hanging out. What, which side ?... Very funny, Mowgli, very funny..." Kaa

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"Mom, look! when I rub cheese on my open wounds, it gets really nice red and fun!... Mom?" Joe Babybel
"Booooooohhh!! Mommyyyyyyy !!! Why do all my boats always sink?" the (to be) captain of the Titanic
"Excuse me m'am, why is Garcia always called before me?" Zorro
"Adolf, quit annoying little Joseph now !! That's ridiculous, you're loosing everytime... Excuse us, Ms Stalin." Ms Hitler
"Marylin, stop showing your underwear to everyone ! Nobody's interested, you know..." Ms Monroe
"Zzzzzzzzzzz..." a log
"Yes you're pretty, look at you, those colors, those tones, boy you're georgeous!" a picture
"Don't listen to them, nobody's greener on the other side, that fence stuff is just nonsense." a balde of grass
"Damn, moss again... I should do more rolling." a stone
"Quick, everybody behind me ! No, they won't see you, even if you are two thousands, it's an infallible trick." a tree
"No, no, it's not me you're looking for, it's Vasco de Gamma." Vasco de Omo
"My teeth hurt... Did anyone find the lemon box?Aooch... there we go, another one down..." Christopher Colombus
"The way of God... Hmm, okay, God... So, where's the G?." Indiana Jones
"I think I'll ask one of those penguins if he knows where the north pole exactly is...." Paul Emile Victor
"Looks like it was some kind of hospital... All those stiff necks... And the signs must be some kind of chinese stuff... yeah, that's it, chinese." Jean François Champollion
"Instead of throwing shit away, maybe I could sell it...." Ronald Mc Donald
"Roux, your father wants his rope and his pulley back. We have to undo your... thing." Combaluzier
"Black, you have a mental problem ! You have to stop drilling, or we'll get evicted from the building, and I'll leave you!." Decker
"White, forget about that dry piece of rag you're using, and look at what I just invented.." Spirit
"You what ? But I... I fuck you with... with... latex ! That's it, latex, got that ? Hey, latex..." Joe Durex

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"Ok, I'm chosing, I'm chosing, it's okay... So I take the black no no no the red nooo the pink arrrgnnnhhh !!! I'll never make it !!" Julien Sorel
"No Juliette darling, we are not buying an Alfa, and you know perfectly why." Romeo
"My Sheila darling, you know I love you, but when we're off stage, please don't sing." Ringo
" Sorry Beauty, I never wanted to call you a dog..." Sebastian
"Listen Juliette, I promise you I won't be so touchy anymore, we'll just by a house in the suburbs and settle down..." Romeo
"Oh no, not St Valentine again!..." Casanova
" Hurry up, Tweety, or we'll miss our appointment with the orthophonist..." Sylvester
"I have a good and a bad news. The good one is that those swimming lesson are now open..." The Captain of the Titanic
"A thirteenth work ? Sorry, I finished my week..." Hercule
"Damn squirrel, you're really breaking my... Hey ?" Tchaïkovski
"Thongs ? Thank you I guess, Mom." Puss in Boots
"What... What is that white and red pile down the cliff?" Panurge
"I can just stick the torch under my elbow, In could turn the page..." The statue of Liberty
"King kong, tiny dick." Godzilla
"Hhhrrrr... Hhrrr... I think I have a plane's wing stuck in my throat. Where's the Maalox ?" King Kong
"What time did you say ?" Albert "Dr" Schweitzer
"Stop moving ! I can't paint under these conditions! Last-warning: the Demoiselles d'Avignon will look like nothing!!" Pablo Picasso
"Hmmmfff.. hmmmfff... hmmmmfff........... POOOF !!" The frog who wanted top be as big as the cow
"Yeah, put that in the box if you want... NOOOOOO!!! Not in the box!!!" Pandora
"Those are nice garter belts... That would be a cool change from these blue and red tights..." Superman
"Gesundheit? Ha ha ha ha,gesundheit, very funny..." Sneezy

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"Gnnnh ! Gnnnnnnhiargh ! Damn, still no chocolate today..." The Venus of Milo
"Quite impressive, mister king Midas, but do you want to know how much I'm worth?" Steve Austin
"Should I grow a bearb or a mustache? Or maybe one of these goatees, goatees are nice..." Abraham Lincoln
"My nose is itching. And nobody around..." Atlas
"Glasses ? Well, thank you I guess." The Cyclop
"Hhhhhhhhh ! Hhhhhhhh ! Where is that damn asthm spray?" Darth Vador
"No ma'am, I'm no gynecologist and this is no echography. Please listen to me very carefully..." The Archangel Gabriel
"I love this job, Mister Vador pays well and the food is great" Independant worker on the Death Star
"Luke, we can't do that ! Think of all the independant workers!" Han Solo
"There's ONE thing that pisses me off, and that's jackstraws." Bruce "The Hulk" Banner
"I want to create an oil compagny, and I'll call it... Mississipico !!" Joe Texaco
"And I'd play a cowboy ? Why not a pigboy ! You're crazy, that will never work !!" John Wayne
"What are you saying, Tootsie's dress ? You mean... Let me have a look at that script again !!" Dustin Hoffman
"Yes, Guiseppe, one four seasons. Yes, Guiseppe, it's very funny, I'm laughing a lot." Vivaldi
"Captain, do you love me for myself or for my ears ?" Spock
"The what letters? But, that's stupid, I don't even own a windmill!" Alphonse Daudet
"Stupid, stupid, stupid multifunctions robot who won't even make a simple orange juice! I hate robots!" Isaac Asimov
"I'm warning you, if you call me little dicka third time!..." David
" Dear collegues, I want to talk to you about my last discov... Where am I?" Alois Alzheimer
"M... Mom! What are you doing with dad?" Sigmund Freud

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"No sugar lumps in my coffee. Personal reasons." Isis
"You know what, Romulus? We should build a town, and we would call it Reme." Remus
"I'm sure we can blow our noses somewhere else than in our fingers!" Joe Kleenex
"Georges ?... Are you looking for me? I'm hidding now." Osama bin Laden
"But mom, I am one of the greatest architects of all times, I'm the funder of modern architecture, I can't do a traditional house for y... Aouch! Okay, okay..." Le Corbusier
"Listen guy, stewed apples in the shoes wasn't a funny joke the first time, and it's not getting funnier now!" Isaac Newton
"What ? A camera ? Damn Santa Claus, I said I wanted a machine gun!" Robert Doisneau
"Of course, Thru Every Hole would be a sales hit, but I prefer the Sentimental Education." Gustave Flaubert
"No, you don't get a lawyer nor a fair trial, I get to decide if you were nice or not." Santa Klaus
"No general, I didn't mean to violate the afghan aerial space, I was just delivering... aoch!!" Santa Klaus
"Listen carefully, if he has a djellaba, even a furred one, and if he has a beard, even a white one, then he is a islamist! Throw him in jail!" George W. Bush
"No, I never heard of the captain Flam, and no, I am not from that planet. Suzanne Vega
"No, I swear I never slept with Madonna, we're just friends." Harry Potter
"Harry Potter and I, it's over now, we're just friends." Madonna
"Please, ma'am, hide those breasts I cannot see... Just joking." The marquis de Sade
"I will write the most annoying book ever, and call it... Ms Bovary." Gustave Flaubert
"Pi-pi... ca-ca... 'tcho !!!!" Pikachu
"So what you're telling me is that when THIS gets longer, you're not lying? Hmmm... And what was the second thing you wanted to tell me?" The Blue Fairy
"An ear folder? That's very funny. Who would have though dwarfs were so funny?" Dumbo
"My name is perhaps not so hot, but you're named Snow-white for Christ sake!" Grumpy
"Damn flu ! I swear that one day, my name will be synonymous with terror of the viruses!" Norton
"Want a piece of fly sandwich? Can't finish mine..." Spiderman

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"No, I never said I take the key of the LEM because YOU were supposed to take the key of the LEM!" Neil Amstrong
"My thigh hurts... Must have injured it at the war..." Jupiter
"From the top of those pyramids, we could do some nice gliding..." Napoléon
"Your name is Black Coal ? And do you know what MY name is?" Snow-white
"Wicked mother in law, wicked mother in law, the is so petty, I have good sides you know, I" The wicked mother in law in Snow-white
"You know, I'm not really aiming for the grass..." Attila the Hun
"If I remember ? My memory is like an ele... No, I don't remember." Elephant Man
"Ha, ha, haaaaa..... ATCHIAA !!!!" The Etna
"Listen son, we'll play something funny: apple or cherry?" Guillaume Tell
"I'm really sorry for you, Milou, but as you can see, there are no chicks around here..." Tintin
"If we put bells on the pigeons, we could know when we have a message..." Graham Bell
"I'll take some peas, and two spons of that soup... hop, hop, top!" Gargantua
"Caramba, missed again !" George W. Bush
"No, what you feel is my flute" Pan
"No no no, I don't want to buy a raincoat, I want to buy an umbrella !" Mary Poppins
"You say you want to exchange a bottle of bleach for that only shoe? It's like a dream!" Cinderella
"Now I'm sure my theory is relative. At least I go on..." Albert Einstein
"Fly a planeover the Channel ? Are you crazy?" Louis Blériot
"An abacus ? that's original!... You're fired." Bill Gates
"I've been having this stiff neck for ages... If I could get rid of it defintively..." Danton
"Shit, no more paper" Gutemberg
What exactly is that propeller plane story I heard ? If you want to stay with us, you've gotta lose the attitude!" Joseph de Montgolfier
"Aouch, I burned my finger !... Just joking." E. T.
"I prefer pies. Can you make a pie ?" Eve
"Okay, since everybody forgot his bathing suit, here's what we're gonna do..." Moïse
"I drunk too much, my head is spinning... Hey, what did I say?" Galileo
"After the fight, I think I'll buy a farm in Little Big Horn, grow some tomatoes, lay in the sun..." General Custer
"Daddy, I know you want me to learn pistol shooting, but mom and I saw that macramé school..." Billy the Kid
"That's terrible, you never have fire when you need it!" Nicki Lauda
"So you waited thirty years to tell me it look like a "napkin""??bs??? Yasser Arafat

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"All we nead is some rain, now!" General Custer
"I don't care, if nobody wants to buy me a kite, I'll do one myself!" Benjamin Franklin
"Yeah, wood is nice, but wax is so coool..." Icarus
"Woof, woof... Snifff... snifff ?... Aouch ! Kaï, kaï, kaï!!!" Lassie
"The alert exercise button, is it the green one, or the red one?" H. Simpsonovitch, head of security, Tchernobyl plant
"Put the ammonitrate there, on the floor, we'll take care of it later..." H. Simpsonovitch, head of security, AZT plant, Toulouse France
"What is this creeper strike story about?" Tarzan
"Satisfying the consumer is a priority to any worker" Karl Marx
"Hey, that kind of looks nice..." Michelangelo
"My ribs are scratching like hell !" Napoléon
"Yes, but I like Citizen Roger too" Orson Welles
"So THAT is a car..." Jeannie Longo
"the truck is slowing down, I'll pass easy." Coluche
"Really ? Can I come in the helicopter ?" Daniel Balavoine
" Wass sagst du ? Ich höre nitchevo." Beethoven
"I'm rusted or what ?" La Tour Eiffel
"You think I can't jump that mountain ?" Neil Amstrong
"C'est quoi cette histoire de caméras dont tout le monde parle?" Loanna
"What ?" Georges W. Bush
"I really needed vacations." Phiip
"Who's the funny guy who's running a bug-free version of windows? Want to ruin the trade or what ?" Bill Gates
"Jurassic Park IV ? He, THAT sounds good!" Steven Spielberg
"Listen, you won't teach me how to change a light bulb!" Claude François (to his bath duck)
"When this will be over, I think I will open a nice hat store." Davy Crockett (in Fort Alamo)
"You said it was a what tea?" Socrates
"Listen, I'm going to talk to the Indians. It's probably a misunderstanding." General Custer
"Grooomph !" Lucy

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