the stories

With so many episodes out, it was kinda hard to figure what to read and where to start. So Phiip grouped all the strips in short and long stories, for your fun and enjoyment. These here are the long ones.

The point of the long stories, is to follow the long journey of our characters from the yellow box through the infinite space, the sea, the desert, hte sky, green, white and burning planets, gods and masters, love and hate, jealousy and treason... Life, in a way.

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first stories

the very first stories, 36 comic strips

With rabbit and the green she-bear. Sometimes with other rabbits, parties at the hutch, mariages... More a succession of short funny strips.
first stories ||  rabbit and rabbit, a love story ? ||  the wedding
war in all its... stupidity ?

war of the green she-bears against the rabbits, 21 comic strips

The war for biodiversity is the turning point of the comic strip.
Rabbit's urge to have children jeopardizes the green she-bears ecological niche.
rabbit becomes a father

how rabbit becomes a father, 25 comic strips

All the process of having a baby, with rabbit's sex problems, the strange dr duck and his strange prescriptions, the strolls in the cemetery to get fresh brains and the final "birth"... Sorry.
doctor duck ||  making a baby ||  the pink world ||  the miracle of birth
worse babysitters ever

baby rabbit in the yellow box, 40 comic strips

He is going to change the lives of the inhabitants of the yellow box forever, driving the green she-bear crazy and alcoholic.
Rabbit will have to hire a sitter, and we'll discover baby's big secret...
raising a baby ||  the worse babysitter of the world ||  the death ray ||  baby is sick
préparer le voyage

the space adventures, first part, 60 comic strips

To save the baby, our heros must go to space to find a cure for his "problem". So they all take off on very different ships.
Where we learn the art of space flight and "avoiding" asteroïds. Where we all will meet the last masters of the Flatulence and the Black Rabbit...
prepare for space ||  the space travel ||  hyperspace ||  landings
the last fight ?

the space adventures, second part, 80 comic strips

After their landings on different planets, our heros learn who knows what and master their inner whatever...
warriors ||  initiations ||  the ancestor of the green planet ||  fleeing with grace ||  prepare for the fight
green she-bear = god

the green she-bear is god, 40 strips

Back in the yellow box, we find out the conclusion of the space stuff, and lots of white rabbits.
The green she-bear's wake is tough, she decides she's god and starts a cult. This story is still going on...
the worst hangover ever ||  god is back ||  a rabbit's romance
the battle of the butter

la résistance, 70 strips

Against the omnipotence of god comes the résistance, leaded by sooper résistanté.
Live the now famous battle of the butter !
la résistance ||  the battle of the butter ||  dr duck is back
yahaha !!!

chasing the black rabbit, x strips

The black rabbit has opened a black hole and is sucking all life from the world ! So the green she-bear, sooper résistanté, BRUNO, rabbit and the y.'s hunt him thru lots of places to his fortress...
a black hole in the office ||  the masked queen ||  chasing the black rabbit ||  going thru the desert ||  the black rabbit's fortress
les deux tours...

the fall of the two towers

When everybody finds the black rabbit's hideout, a big... fight ? happens, and then, ancester y and his new girlfriend try to sell coal...
the fall of the black rabbit ||  the coal dealers ||  coal and marketing ||  baby is angry
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