the short stories

With so many episodes out, it was kinda hard to figure what to read and where to start. So Phiip grouped all the strips in short and long stories, for your fun and enjoyment. These here are the short ones.

The point of the short stories, is that you can read them without any knowledge whatsoever of the characters and the ongoing story.

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office story

the computer and office stories and jokes

Why you must have sex at the office, computer problems, paternity leaves, office repairing stuff, changing your exploitation system, changing to the euro... Only stupid stories here.
sex at the office ||  doors Millenium Edition ||  the computer ||  return of the computer (in interlude) ||  the paternity leave (in the worst babysitters ever) ||  repairing the office ||  reorganizing the compagny ||  the office clowns ||  the powerpoint conference ||  the computer switches to linux ||  the management course ||  a very special boss
the stone at the shrink's

the rock

Into the mind of the worst geological accident ever, the rock (sometimes also called the stone, but never called the Charden). Sorry.
the rock, introduction ||  the rock, childhood ||  the rock, adolescence ||  the stone at the beach ||  commando camping ||  the stone has lost it ||  the stone has really really lost it ||  the stone does sports ||  the desert commando ||  the abduction of the stone ||  the stone in prison ||  the stone has quartz
en voiture !

the car stories

Some people like to drive. Some people shouldn't touch a wheel...
a car ride after work ||  at the hospital  ||  back from holidays
the origins of sooper

the origins of sooper résistanté

Superheros origins, that's an original story. Never been done before...
the origins of sooper résistanté
making a webcomic during christmas

making a webcomic

Like some guy we know, rabbit makes a webcomic...
comic strip
a difficult morning

the new year's eve

Some people just shouldn't drive or drink alcohol...
new year's party ||  after the party

y's stories

The y's, masters of martial arts and milk amateurs, speak with or about themselves...
a two voices meditation ||  the ultra-ancestor tells the y's story ||  the war of the y's
crashing snail

the giant snails

a non speaking story with snails...
the giant snails
the green she-bear and the mystery finger

sentimental and romance stuff

The most terrifying stories Phiip ever wrote. What if girls where really like that ?
the green she-bear is sulking ||  a rabbit's romance ||  BRUNO and rabbit ||  return to basics
the canal banks

landscapers, architects and developpers

A very slighly ironical look at these professions...
the canal banks ||  the plans of the temple ||  building the temple ||  the end of the world
bloob ?

the mysteries of space

Space is filled with strange and mysterious characters. You don't believe us ? Just have a look !!
Silver Sbock ||  revenge of the half asteroïd ||  the space paramecia (one episode)
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