the rabbit's webcam

So you could know what happens at rabbit's 24h a day,
we put a webcam here
webcams don't lie
they don't cheat
if you see it on a webcam,
then it's true, really true
not like those pictures on these other sites

now you can check us up when you want
day and night
You can't find that in every site, no ma'am !!
you know what webmasters do in the other sites ?
exactly, they drink
Well, us, at rabbit, we...

Okay, that drinking story is not the best exemple
A better exemple is work.
At rabbit's, we work 24 hours a day to give you the ultimate technology update shiny stuff
For exemple, that webcam is the ultimate technological digital space camera you could get,
with 80 billions pixels an image,
(yes, 80 billions pixels, we like to think big)
it refreshes every picosecond,
welcome in the ultimate heart of the internet, in the infinitesimal,
where all actual knowledge ends,
where noone ever put his bits.


Introducing... the yellow box!!!!

Okay, it's not yellow yellow, but you see what we meant ?
You don't ?

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